Monday, September 20, 2010

Dream job ey?

Hye friends.

I'm not in a mood seriously. There's so many things keep bothering me today. Oke first, this morning I'd been ask by Puan Adibah, 'what is my dream job?' And I was like *kriikk kriiikk kriikk...silent. But then she ask me again, 'you must have your dream job right?' And I was like 'yeaah, I do..' buutt still *kriiikk kriikkk kriiikkk...silent. +_+

I wanted to say that okay, my dream job is I wanted to be a doctor. Oke fine, tipu. My dream job is.........see truth is, I don't know what is my dream job. I do dream. I love daydreaming, but I don't know what would I be in the future, I don't know what job suits me, I don't know whether I get a job that suits my skills my field or whatever. I just dream that someday, I wanted to be rich, I wanted to live a luxurious life, I wanted to have my dream Mercedes Sport, I wanted to build a big house, I wanted to have my own driver, a maid in my house, wearing expensive clothes and shoes, went for a holiday to an expensive places and so much expensive-life-thingy.

But when it comes to, okay what do you want to be in the future? I just don't know the answer yet, maybe this time I should really-really-really-really start to think about this. Like seriously Amie, you should. Because everyone in your class had their own dream job, and you? pfffttt T_T

Okay, but I do dream of someday I wanted to have my own bookstore and my own cyber cafe. I do dream that my future husband must take care of my cyber cafe. I do dream about naming them as Amie's ( like Nando's, Mc Donald's kan ambik sempena nama sendiri +_+ ) I do dream of being part of Malaysia's travel agency, I do dream I have my own travel agency, like daaa kan di luar bidang aku tu.

Pffttt, I must dream a little bit more rational I think.