Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thanks Mr Boredom,you made my day.

Well hello friends. Today I would like to tell you guys how bored to bod I am this weekend because I am spending my weekend alone, well of course there's Sharon and Aisar but you know theres a little yada yada yada whatever.

To not having kakak, Acik and Kiki around is waaaaaayyyyyyy you know, BORED. They all going back and spending their weekend with their family. But for me, I have to spend this weekend alone. How I wish someone could come and save me from this boredom I had to bear.

Next Monday I have to sit for my Network paper. Such a nuisance. Eh tak tak tak, I love Network, all my classmate and my course-mate love Network. Nyeeheehee. Then the whole week would be a very very very busy week for me as I had to finish up all 4 assignments by Friday.

Daaaann harini, sangat tension bila laptop ini tidak mahu menerima Sql yang saya nak install untuk menyiapkan assignment Visual Programming Development. And thank God, It Girl save me from exploding. Good girl. Aiihh a very busy week coming and then laptop buat hal. &*^%$^$#%@#$^&*(%^#%.

Sangat busy. Sangat busy. Sangat serabut. Sangat bosan. Sangat lapar.

Oke bye nak pergi cari makan! Aum!

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