Monday, May 16, 2011

Maggie dalam cawan.

Amie: Akak, pinjam moto kat Mus jap.
Akak: Mintak senirik.
Amie: Meh fon.

*menelefon Mus

Amie: Mus pinjam moto kejap. Nak pergi 7-Eleven.
Mus: Ha datang amik.
Amie: Keyh.

Dapat kunci, pacak 3, pukul 2.15 pagi, vroom vroom ke 7-Eleven.

Amie: Kalau sape sape tahan, yang duduk tengah sile buat buat sakit demam.
Kiki & Akak: Baaaaiikkk.

Baiklah dialog macam bodoh. Straight to the point. I just wanted you guys to look at sad faces yang sedang makan megi cawan. 


p/s: This is my first time makan megi cawan. Seriousleeeyyhh!


Teacher's Day!

Good evening to teachers and all my friends.

Today I would like to talk about Teacher's Day because everyone is talking about the day. The day where all teachers in the world is being appreciated by all the people who is not being a teacher. Understand what I mean? Teacher is being appreciated because without teacher, who is going to teach us at school? Who is going to give us knowledge? Who is going to tell us the do's and don't about life? Oke oke I get it, you get it, we all get it.


I missed being a school student. I missed celebrating teacher's day at school where the sukaneka events were hold and the competition between teachers and students. Cool right? I had always love and excited to celebrate teacher's day. Don't you feel the same way as I did?

Well I won't write too long for this entry because I know entry panjang panjang sangat bosan.

So I would like to dedicate this entry to all my teachers that have taught me since I was in tadika, primary, secondary and now. Nak bagitau semua nama jenuh la pulak kan. My memory also is not that good to remember all the name. Teehee.

Then, I want to thank all the teacher as well, dari Tadika Islam Taiping, Sk Convent Klian Pauh Taiping, Sk Rusila Terengganu, Sk Klian Pauh Taiping, Smk Klian Pauh Taiping, Smk Aminuddin Baki Johor Bahru and my lecturers in Kolej Profesional Mara Beranang. Thank you. Thank you. Tanpa cikgu-cikgu, Puan puan dan Encik encik sekalian, I wont be this far. I love you.

Not to forget, my mother as well. For being a great 'teacher' to me and my siblings. And to your students as well. Walaupun Mak hanya mengajar tuition di rumah. Sebab tanpa Mak, student mak takkan berjaya dalam ujian ujian mereka. I love you mom!

Thank you again.

Happy Teacher's Day everyone yang telah menjadi cikgu dan akan menjadi cikgu!